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Reporting & Data

CSL offers comprehensive reporting and business intelligence data to optimize and improve a program’s performance and ROI. Our card programs provide deep insight to all stakeholders through the product lifecycle, including physicians, pharmacists, payors, and patients.

Reporting can be conducted as a stand-alone, snapshot analysis, or at regular intervals for a comparative overview with key insights and recommendations. Report formats can be customized, and include daily raw data exports, excel-based reports, PowerPoint summaries, and near real-time dashboards. Dashboards facilitate data analysis and provide improved actionable insight and information to our clients.

The data available includes:

  • Geographic information
  • Payor information (public, private, cash)
  • Pharmacy information
  • Physician information
  • Rep tracking
  • Mark-ups
  • Adherence and retention analysis
  • Card uptake
  • Metrics from all the supporting marketing materials and communications
  • Card data linked up to other sources of data

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As an industry leader, Cameron Stewart LifeScience (CSL) provides comprehensive payment assistance solutions to the pharmaceutical industry throughout the product lifecycle.